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KU Professionals for Disability (KUPD)


Our Mission

KU Professionals for Disability (KUPD) was founded in 2002, through the efforts of graduate students within the University of Kansas, Department of Special Education. KUPD is open to all graduate students with an interest in the disability field.

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Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship

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Let's celebrate the achievements of Dr. Karrie Shogren! Distinguished Early Career Research Award This year, DR honors two exceptional early career researchers with the 2015 Distinguished Early Career Research Award. This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding scientific contributions in basic and/or applied research in special education within the first 10 years after receiving the doctoral degree. The award, co-sponsored by the Donald D. Hammill Foundation, includes $1,000 to be presented to each recipient at the DR reception at the 2015 CEC Annual Convention and an invited presentation at the CEC convention the following year. The recipients of this award are Dr. Karrie Shogren and Dr. Kent McIntosh. Associate Professor at the University of Kansas, Dr. Shogren received her Ph.D. in special education in 2006 from the same university. Dr. Shogren has contributed to the field with interdisciplinary research focusing on early childhood risks for cognitive delay and academic difficulties. She has 62 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has made numerous presentations at national and international conferences. As a young scholar, she has made research and theoretical contributions to multiple areas, including self-determination and the application of positive psychology to disability contexts, supports conceptualization and measurement, and defining and understanding intellectual disability. The amount and quality of her work is breathtaking. According to Google Scholar, she has been cited 2,275 times. Dr. Shogren is also emerging as a prolific grant writer; she has been awarded both US Department of Education funding to support her research and the development of future doctoral leaders. Dr. Shogren is active in professional organizations, collaborates with numerous colleagues in the social sciences, and has mentored and advised graduate students. For her leadership efforts, she won the Presidential Award from the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for outstanding leadership to AAIDD at the state, regional, and national levels. Dr. Shogren was the 2009 recipient of DR's Early Career Publication Award.

Dr. Ann Turnbull is hosting a webinar for CADRE! http://t.co/iw2vFWftSV http://t.co/sIsUdMwlrs

#1 public program in nation for special education
—U.S. News & World Report
2nd nationwide for most published journal articles in special education
Wayne Sailor directs KU’s largest grant, the $24.5 million SWIFT project, to develop a national center to assist schools
A $2.5 million grant will fund research on reasons effective technology tools are underused for students with disabilities